Who We Are

ECANA: Endometrial Cancer Action Network for African-Americans

We are a group of women who have come together to create support, community, and empowerment for any African-American woman affected by endometrial cancer. We are patients, doctors, survivors, community advocates, and professional leaders all committed to one purpose ‚Äď improving the lives of Black women affected by this disease. On this site, we hope you find the¬†community¬†and¬†knowledge¬†you are looking for. If you are ready to give back, we hope you¬†join us¬†in our national efforts to set a new standard of research on this condition. Welcome.

Let's work together!

Our Stories

"The Life You Save Is Going to Be Your Own!" Join Jurline, endometrial cancer survivor and ECANA Ambassador, as she describes the life-saving benefits of early detection in her diagnosis journey.

Lisa describes the feeling of finding a safety net among the ECANA community. She reminds us that it is imperative that Black EC survivors have a voice in the cancer and medical communities.

Join Heide - attendee at ECANA's Conference for Community, Education, and Research Training - as she shares her journey from putting her health second, to putting it first. She shares the benefits of putting your health before other responsibilities, and the challenges of doing so.

Education Resources

Research Spotlight

The Endometrial Cancer Action Network for African Americans (ECANA) is launching the first ever national survey of Black/African-Americans who have had endometrial cancer.

Learn the Lingo

Here is a quick reference you can use to start to learn the vocabulary and language you may hear in medical visits.