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Community Empowerment Partners for Endometrial Cancer

About CEPs-EC

Community Empowerment Partners (CEPs) is an evidence-based peer education program that aims to increase knowledge and empowerment, and improve health outcomes in the Black community. 

Originally developed for breast cancer by Cierra Sisters cancer support network in the Puget Sound Region, the curriculum was tested and found effective in an evaluation in collaboration with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington. 

In partnership with ECANA, CEPs has been adapted for endometrial cancer. In March, 2019, the first individuals were trained and certified in the Community Empowerment Partners for Endometrial Cancer (CEPs-EC) curriculum. These ECANA Ambassadors are conducting the first educational sessions in their home communities in summer and fall, 2019.

ECANA Ambassadors who are certified in CEPs-EC curriculum are located in 13 states! Take a look at upcoming sessions below to find your next opportunity to learn about endometrial cancer.


Upcoming CEPs-EC Sessions

To Be Announced!

The University of Washington research team, with guidance from the ECANA Steering Group, is conducting an evaluation of these first sessions. Look for final reports on the pilot program process and effectiveness evaluation in spring and summer, 2020. 

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