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In this section, you can learn about the latest research on endometrial cancer and racial disparities, hear from investigators in the field, learn about what it's like to be involved with research partnership, and get involved yourself.


Come back soon to take the ECANA Research Survey, which we will use to establish priorities for endometrial cancer research.


If you are an investigator, a patient involved with a research partnership, or interested in getting involved, please contact us - we would love to hear from you! 

Research Resources

ECANA Community Survey

The Endometrial Cancer Action Network for African Americans (ECANA) is launching the first ever national survey of Black/African-Americans who have had… Read More

A Seat at the Research Table

Perspectives from a patient who became an advisor for a research study.

"Endometrial carcinoma recurrence according to race and ethnicity": Q&A with Dr. Ashley Felix

Read Q&A with endometrial cancer researcher, Dr. Ashley Felix, to learn about her take on some of the newest findings about endometrial cancer recurrence… Read More