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Endometrial Cancer Detection During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic

How have COVID-19 lockdowns affected endometrial cancer diagnosis? This article finds that during the first 12 weeks of the pandemic, endometrial cancer diagnoses declined 35% and patient calls for abnormal bleeding declined 33% compared with 2019… Read More

The Impact of Fibroids and Histologic Subtype on the Performance of US Clinical Guidelines for the Diagnosis of Endometrial Cancer among Black Women

This article, published in Ethnicity & Disease, describes a study that looks at the current guidelines for moving from transvaginal ultrasound to biopsy in a diagnostic workup for postmenopausal bleeding (the key symptom of endometrial cancer).… Read More

Assessment of Prediagnostic Experiences of Black Women With Endometrial Cancer in the United States

This article, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA Network Open), describes a qualitative study conducted by Dr. Doll, Bridgette Hempstead of Cierra Sisters, and the ECANA team. The team used interviews with Black women… Read More