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Research Partnerships

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One of ECANA’s primary goals is to develop partnerships between academic researchers or organizations with Black women who have had endometrial cancer. The policy below describes our criteria and process for approving requests for academic or other organizational partnership or seeking out our own partnership opportunities.

We engage in partnerships that uphold the following principles of engagement in patient-centered outcomes research:

  • Reciprocal relationships
  • Co-learning
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Honesty

In order to begin a research partnership with ECANA, each new team and/or organizational partner must be able to clearly articulate the following:

  • Compensation rate for participation
  • Benefit to ECANA and/or alignment with ECANA’s goals
  • Expectations for the scope of work and time commitment from ECANA representative
  • Information about the source of funding and any potential conflicts of interest of the research or organization team
  • Clarity around the roles and responsibilities of the research or organizational team, in order to maintain accountability and transparency with ECANA

If your work meets these qualifications, please email us at with the information outlined above, we look forward to discussing with you further! Requests for partnership must be made at least 8 weeks in advance of the decision deadline to ensure consideration by the Steering Group and opportunity for additional clarification and/or feedback.