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Join Heide - attendee at ECANA's Conference for Community, Education, and Research Training - as she shares her journey from putting her health second, to putting it first. She shares the benefits of putting your health before other responsibilities, and the challenges of doing so.

Watch this video to hear Adrienne, ECANA Steering Group advisor, as she talks about taking initiative to prepare herself with information before going to specialist and follow-up appointments, and how you can take initiative with gathering the knowledge you need.
Watch this video to hear Margie, ECANA Steering Group advisor, talk about how she navigated the medical information coming in after her diagnosis by seeking second and third opinions, the clarity and calm she found in doing so, and how you can go after another opinion, too!
Watch this video to hear Margie from the ECANA Steering Group talk about the relief of finding a doctor she felt at ease with after her community encouraged her to seek another opinion, and how to follow your peace to find a doctor who really gets you.
Watch this video to hear Adrienne from the ECANA Steering Group talk about her experience of emotional "numbness" upon hearing her diagnosis, and her tenacious, self-empowered work to go after new knowledge to process the emotions and information that started flooding in.