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ECANA Community Conversations. Episode 1: Cancer & Recovery Margie Willis, Shawn Smith, and Mikki Hopkins, endometrial cancer survivors at different stages of their journey, share how they take it one step at a time endometrial cancer treatment and the ongoing process of recovery.

Kokila - an ECANA Community Ambassador - describes the important role of support from multiple communities, including other ECANA Ambassadors, and shares her gratitude.

Join Martha Jean, endometrial cancer survivor and ECANA ambassador, as she describes her experience at the ECANA Conference for Community, Education, and Research Training, and her intentions to make a difference for people diagnosed with EC.

"The Life You Save Is Going to Be Your Own!" Join Jurline, endometrial cancer survivor and ECANA Ambassador, as she describes the life-saving benefits of early detection in her diagnosis journey.

Jurline discusses the urgent need for awareness-raising around EC. As a community, we can change the narrative so that everyone knows about EC.

Lisa, EC Survivor and ECANA Ambassador, discusses strategies for being your own best advocate in the doctor's office and beyond. She reminds us that we are not alone in our journeys!

Lisa describes the feeling of finding a safety net among the ECANA community. She reminds us that it is imperative that Black EC survivors have a voice in the cancer and medical communities.

Martha Jean, EC Survivor and ECANA Steering Group member, tells the story of how she found her way back to taking time for herself and taking care of her health after her diagnosis. When she's not spending time supporting ECANA, you'll find her near the river blowing bubbles!

Patricia, ECANA Ambassador, describes the ups and downs of life during and after treatment. Her journey lead her to want to support other women going through the same thing.

Heide, an ECANA Ambassador who joined our team at the ECANA Conference for Community, Education, and Research Training, talks about how she felt seen during the intergenerational gathering of women at the conference - leaving her with a sense of empowerment and community.

Shanda talks about the lasting, family-like bonds formed between the Black women with endometrial cancer, specifically those who attended the ECANA Conference for Community, Education, and Research training. 

Join Heide - attendee at ECANA's Conference for Community, Education, and Research Training - as she shares her journey from putting her health second, to putting it first. She shares the benefits of putting your health before other responsibilities, and the challenges of doing so.