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A Tribute to Mary "Dicey" Scroggins

Mary "Dicey" Scroggins


What an amazing woman!  It truly has been a privilege to have met and worked with Dicey!  Her work will go on forever for she loved what she did!  Such an inspiration for me.

- Martha Jean Williams

Even in her passing, Mary "Dicey" Scroggins, continues to spread a powerful message. Through my work with ECANA, I heard the immeasurable contributions Dicey made to cancer patients around the world. I will continue to learn more about her and aim to carry on her message of patient advocacy and empowerment.

- Tiffany J. Drummond

Mary "Dicey" Scroggins and Adrienne Moore

I remember meeting Dicey for the very first time. I had read so much about her prior to our meeting; I was both excited and intimidated. She was a giant in this advocacy space and I was just learning the ropes. I laugh when I look at the picture of she and I together that day. Me holding on to her as If I would never see her again. I wish I had known in that moment how much she would mean to me. I would have held on longer. Dicey, I always walked away a little wiser for being in your presence and a bit bolder for having you as a friend. I could never have imagined that the last time we spoke would be the last time we spoke. I am grateful to have had your influence and for the motherly tone you always took with me. You helped me to find my voice and schooled me on how to use it. Your earthly presence will be missed tremendously, but the love and adoration our community has for you will never wane. Your legacy will live on through us all.     

- Adrienne Moore

I don’t remember when I first heard Mary “Dicey” Scroggins speak.  I do remember how she made me feel… encouraged, hopeful, and inspired. In Dicey, I found my big sister in gynecologic oncology patient advocacy and research. Dicey modeled grace, compassion, strength, and brilliance — she was a fierce, and shining star with a gentle spirit.

Dicey’s rich life and legacy has deeply impacted and inspired me in my own advocacy work at ECANA, and I am forever grateful. Well done, rest well, my sister! 

- Jacqueline Mbayo

I had the pleasure of meeting Dicey on a IGCS Zoom meeting in 2020.I remember thinking she's a BLACK WOMAN! And she is in charge. I am forever grateful for the doors she opened for ECANA when we were just coming on the scene. Diceys spirit and presence will be forever remembered by all. 

Well Done Dicey 

- Margie Wilson