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UW Medicine: Recognizing Symptoms of Endometrial Cancer

In this video from the University of Washington Medicine Newsroom, Dr. Kemi Doll describes the symptoms of endometrial cancer, racial inequities in survival, and the founding of ECANA.

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BET: One Type Of Cancer Is Killing Black Women At Record-High Rates

This article in BET gives a brief overview of the racial inequity in endometrial cancer survival and the research of ECANA co-founder and Health Services researcher, Dr. Kemi Doll, that seeks to understand this inequity and address it. 

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SELF: Why Are Uterine Cancer Rates Rising So Drastically in Black Women?


This article in SELF by Erika Stallings features the diagnosis story of Adrienne Moore - ECANA Steering Group member - and places it in context with what we know about endometrial cancer and racial disparities in survival. 

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UWMedicne: Why Are Black Women Dying?

University of Washington's UWMedicine Magazine's Spring 2018 issue features an article about the stark racial inequities in endometrial cancer survival and ECANA co-founder Dr. Kemi Doll's research work to understand why this is the case. Click through… Read More