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I Got a Second Opinion - with Margie

Image of Margie Telling her Story: I Got a Second Opinion


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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Margie Willis, and I got a second opinion. After I was diagnosed, I had so much information being thrown at me -¬†before¬† surgery¬†after surgery ‚Äď and my tribe around me was like, "You got to get another opinion," I was so glad I did. And then when I had my second opinion, they're, " you need to have three."¬†So¬†I got three and I'm glad I did because the third was the best. It all made sense it all came together. I had heard the information more than once now. This time - the third time I got, it was slower, it was better, it was stronger, there was pictures, there were questions. And I just felt, find your peace. Because if you can't find your peace before or after or whatever you need to do with your treatment, you're not going to make it. You have to kind of go in with that peace. And find the doctor that you're comfortable with, one that cares and that listens to you. And you know that because the second time you talk to him they say I know that. Or they say it before you say then you're¬†like, Oh, she¬†actually listened¬†to me! She¬†actually knows¬†what. And then another ball of stress that you didn't even know you had drops¬†off.¬†So¬†look around ask employer. Ask people go to doctors get referrals.¬†¬†