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March 1, 2019



The Endometrial Cancer Action Network for African Americans (ECANA) is launching the first ever national survey of Black/African-Americans who have had endometrial cancer.

Why is this survey important? 

Research on endometrial cancer has primarily not focused on Black people , both as participants and as the decision makers for what questions to ask. This means that the unique experiences of Black women are not included in what researchers know about endometrial cancer, what causes it, or the barriers to getting high quality care. It also means that the solutions created to improve endometrial cancer education and care may not meet the specific needs of Black women. 

ECANA is here change that.  

By answering this survey, you will help us take the first step in making endometrial cancer research more inclusive.  


What does the survey involve? 

Survey questions aim to help us learn about our community. We hope to understand the different strengths and challenges we have both before and after we are diagnosed with endometrial cancer.  

Information from the survey will help us: 

*Improve research by making sure it meets the real needs of Black people with endometrial cancer 

*Create new ways to support Black women diagnosed with endometrial cancer and their families 

*Build a community of people interested in participating in future research. 

If you identify as Black/African-American & have had endometrial cancer, please complete the survey!  


If you are a caregiver, family-member, or friend of someone with endometrial cancer, you may also complete the survey on their behalf, if they haven't complete the survey themselves.  

Who will see my information?  

Your privacy is very important to us. All of your responses will be kept anonymous. You are not required to enter your name or contact information unless you wish to receive our newsletter, updates on future research, or be entered into a raffle (you will be able to choose to do so at the end of the survey). If you do choose to enter your information, your name and contact information will be kept confidential and separated from your survey responses when we report out the results so that no one can trace your responses back to you.  

Please share this opportunity with anyone else you know who has had endometrial cancer!

The survey can be found at: 

If you have any questions about this survey or want to get involved in other ways, please fill out this form or email us at