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Information is Power - with Adrienne

Image of Adrienne Telling her Story: Information is Power


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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Adrienne, and I’m currently 46 and about two years out of my cancer diagnosis. I think the first thing I thought about when I heard the word cancer was - “Is this me?” and “What does this mean for my future?” And then, when I had the opportunity, I sat down and tried to receive what was just said to me, and in receiving it, I believe it made me more voracious in going after the information. I took the time to learn about what my diagnosis meant - for me, in particular, so that when I went - and I was prepared – when I went to see the specialist with questions, and follow-up, and “No why? Tell me that again, that doesn’t sound right to me.” Only because I knew that I had to take that initiative and put it in my own hands and I couldn’t lay it all at his feet. I’m not the only one – he has so many other patients, but I’m the only patient of mine.