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Find Your Peace, Find Your Doctor - with Margie

Image of Margie Telling her Story: Find Your Peace, Find Your Doctor


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Video Transcript 

Hi, I'm Margie Willis. And right after I was diagnosed, I was so overwhelmed with so many questions, so much information being thrown at me. And many times I felt like I didn't have a choice or a decision it was just, like this is what you have to do, this what you have to do. Fortunately I had a nice group of people around me that were like - get a second opinion, maybe even get a third opinion. And so I did, so the second opinion - everything's a little bit more clear now cuz you're hearing some stuff and you're hearing. And just to let you know all three were a little different, which was great, but when I went to my third opinion it was like okay. By then it was, and just the doctor was very 
informing - slow to speak, drawing pictures, waiting for answers, asking questions. And she really got to know me, you know. When I met with her again and again and again, I was like she was saying things about me that I didn't expect her to remember because, you're a doctor, you see 50,000 people. How are you gonna remember what this one person said? So make sure that you find your peace with your doctor. You always have time. You always have time to get that second opinion. You want to go in feeling good, feeling peaceable, like, "I got this." because there's enough stress going on in you enough then to worry about, do I really like this doctor? So, find your peace and follow that.