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Trusted Clinician Network

The ECANA clinician network is made up of trusted clinicians who are ready, willing, and able to support ECANA women – on the steering group and beyond - in their health, advocacy, and education goals.  


We are always looking to expand our network of trusted gynecologic oncologists and Ob-Gyns. Please get in touch if you are a clinician interested in becoming involved with ECANA.  


Ama Buskwofie, MD - Hawthorne, NY

Carol Brown, MD, FACOG, FACS - New York, NY 

Eloise Chapman, MD - New York, NY

Elizabeth Garner, MD - Boston, MA

Evelyn Cantillo, MD, MPH - New York, NY

Gizelka David-West, MD - Staten Island, NY 

Jovana Martin, MD - Poughkeepsie, NY 

Kevin Holcomb, MD, FACOG - New York, NY 

Leslie Boyd, MD - New York, NY 

Rachel Clark, MD - Boston, MA 

Renee Cowan, MD, MPH - New York, NY

Sandra Brooks, MD* - Philadelphia, PA


Dineo Khabele, MD - St. Louis, MO

Emma Barber, MD - Chicago, IL 

Laverne Mensah, MD - Elk Grove Village, IL 

General Obstetrics & Gynecology: Tracy Irwin, MD - Chicago, IL 


Charlotte Gamble, MD, MPH - Washington, D.C.

Christina Washington, MD - Oklahoma City, OK

Cyril Spann, MD - Atlanta, GA

Ebony Hoskins, MD - Rockville, MD

Gabrielle Hawkins, MD - Chapel Hill, NC

Jeanine Nicole Staples MD, MPH - Washington DC 

Jeffrey Hines, MD - Atlanta, GA 

Jerlinda Ross, MD - Charleston, SC 

Monica Jones, MD - Annapolis, MD

Nathalie McKenzie, MD - Orlanda, FL 

Paola Gehrig, MD - Chapel Hill, NC 

Renee Cowan, MD - Baton Rouge, LA 

Roland Matthews, MD - Atlanta, GA 

Sarah Temkin, MD - Baltimore, MD 

Terri Cornelison, MD, Ph.D. - Baltimore, MD 

Victoria Bae-Jump, MD, Ph.D. - Chapel Hill, NC

Wendy Brewster, MD, Ph.D. - Chapel Hill, NC 

William "Rusty"  Robinson, MD - Jackson, MS 

Yvette Williams-Brown, MD, MMSc - Austin, TX 


Bahman Saffari, MD, Ph.D. - Tacoma, WA

Bobbie J. (BJ) Rimel, MD - Los Angeles, CA

John Farley, MD - Pheonix, AZ

Kemi Doll, MD, MCSR - Seattle, WA

Kristin Taylor, MD - Tarzana, CA 

Natsai Nyakudarika, MD - San Francisco, CA

Shana Wingo, MD - Pheonix, AZ 


Jennifer Scalici, MD - Mobile, AL 

Incoming Gynecologic Oncologists 

Jasmine Ebott, MD - Fellowship, Gynecologic Oncology, Brown University | 2024 

Jo’an Tankou, MD - Fellowship, Gynecologic Oncology, Washington University | 2022

Kimberly Dessources, MD - Fellowship, Gynecologic Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center | 2022

Leeya Pinder, MD, MPH - Fellowship, Gynecologic Oncology, University of Washington | 2022

Shariska Peterson, MD, MSCR - Fellowship, Gynecologic Oncology University of Kansas | 2023

Travis Sims, MD - Fellowship, Gynecologic Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center | 2022

Tyler Woodard, MD - Fellowship, Gynecologic Oncology, Washington University | 2024


*Physician executive, not clinically practicing