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Image of Dr. Kemi DollKemi Doll, MD MS ‚Äď President

Seattle, WA

Kemi is a practicing gynecologic oncologist and health services researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. She is dedicated to improving the lives and outcomes for Black women with endometrial cancer, and to reduce racial disparities. Her work involves quantitative and qualitative research, along with advocacy for Black women's reproductive health. As ECANA lead, she is responsible for designing and overseeing all ECANA activities, building relationships with women affected by endometrial cancer, clinicians, and other organizations that support Black women's health and cancer care.   


Image of Adrienne MooreAdrienne Moore¬†‚Äď Board Member

Atlanta, GA 

Adrienne is a Respiratory Therapist by profession and has spent the bulk of her 22 year career in field education of patients, caregivers and hospitals alike. She enjoys spending her time writing and serving her community where there is a need. She comes to ECANA through her research of advocacy opportunities in black women's health after her own diagnosis of Endometrial Cancer in 2016. 


Image of Margie WillisMargie Willis ‚ÄstBoard Member

Seattle, WA 

Margie has been in the fitness industry for 30 plus years and enjoys working with older adults, stretching, aerobics, balance and daily living skills. Margie is also a full time nanny for three of her grandchildren - which keeps her young and in the know about everything. In her spare time Margie loves to sew, shop, read, travel and hang out with her girlfriends. She is proud to be a patient partner with Dr. Kemi Doll and the ECANA research project.


Image of Martha Jean WilliamsMartha Jean Williams ‚Äď Board Member

New Orleans, LA 

VIE COMMENCE: Life begins every time we breathe, every time we laugh, and every time we love.

Martha Jean is energized by the beauty, joy, peace, and love that she has come to know! Her work primarily consisted of communications, nonprofit, and education. Above all, she loves serving her community. In the Fall of 2012, she was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer. She then took time to examine everything in her life! One of her biggest surprises was learning to relax and to play! In this phase of her life, she is pursuing one of her loves, writing! Other activities she enjoys are growing herbs, cooking dishes from around the world, music, and blowing bubbles with and without her granddaughter! Being an ECANA Ambassador and a Patient Adviser is a wonderful opportunity to serve! To participate in this dialogue of health and well-being is nothing short of amazing! And the timing!  My personal goal for 2020 is taking the best possible care of myself using my Lessons Learned!


image of Jacqueline MbayoJacqueline Mbayo¬†‚Äď Board Member

Falling Waters, WV

Jacqueline Mbayo has a background in Health Information Management, and has worked in Clinical Research for over ten years on several Phase III clinical trials, most recently as a Clinical Data Manager. After her own diagnosis in 2017, Jacqueline has a life mission to educate, empower, and build community with Black women diagnosed with endometrial cancer, and promote meaningful research, to improve health outcomes. Jacqueline enjoys gospel music, reading the Bible, writing, dancing, watching movies, oil painting, rug hooking, and vacationing with her husband in Africa and the Caribbean. She is delighted to join in the important work of Dr. Kemi Doll and ECANA! 


Image of Bridgette HempsteadBridgette Hempstead ‚ÄstBoard Member

Seattle, WA 

Bridgette Hempstead is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cierra Sisters, Inc., an African-American breast cancer organization that uniquely provides support, education and advocacy for women‚Äôs breast and health issues. Brigitte‚Äôs personal narrative and hands-on approach have educated and empowered a community of women whose health had previously suffered under the influence of cultural stereotype and racial bias. In the spirit of the activism that drives Cierra Sisters, Bridgette¬†recently published an article in the Journal of Community Health - "Community Empowerment Partners (CEPs): A Breast Health Education Program for African-American Women‚ÄĚ - describing the development of an evidence-based breast health curriculum tool kit. Bridgette has joined Dr. Kemi Doll in the great ECANA project.


Charlotte GambleCharlotte Gamble, MD, MPH - Board Member

Washington, D.C.

Charlotte Gamble, MD, MPH, is an attending gynecologic oncologist based at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital. As a community advocate, Dr. Gamble is dedicated to taking care of patients who have historically been marginalized and are vulnerable to poor health outcomes. She provides all patients with excellent and equitable care. Her research examines the role of safety net hospital systems in gynecologic cancer care.



Tiffany J. DrummondTiffany J. Drummond - Advocate Advisor

Tiffany Drummond has over 15 years experience as a clinical research professional. She has overseen hematology/oncology clinical trials for various cancer centers including Weill Cornell, NYU Langone, and Mount Sinai. In 2016, she lost her mother, Lenora Jean Drummond, to endometrial cancer and has made it her mission to promote women’s health and wellness. In her spare time, you can find Tiffany with her nearest and dearest friends, traveling, and watching true crime TV. She is excited to be a part of ECANA’s mission and cannot wait to connect with you.

Image of Julianna AlsonJulianna Alson, MPH ‚ÄstProject Coordinator

Seattle, WA

Julianna acts as Project Coordinator for ECANA and Research Coordinator for Dr. Doll. Her public health work has focused on advancing racial justice in reproductive and sexual health and through research, policy, programs, and action. She has experience building cancer support groups, developing health education curriculum, and doing community advocacy to address the social conditions that influence health. As ECANA Project Coordinator, she supports all aspects of ECANA operations, especially supporting community relationship-building, developing website and educational materials, and coordinating meetings and events.  

Liz Sage, MPH ‚ÄstProject Manager

Seattle, WA 

Liz is a Project Manager at the Surgical Outcomes Research Center at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. She is passionate about reproductive justice and is dedicated to using patient engagement in research as a tool to end racial health disparities. Her current work involves supporting community-researcher partnerships, and she has experience with a wide range of research designs. As ECANA Project Manager, she manages all aspects of project administration, including grant reporting, monitoring budgets, creating and maintaining workplans, overseeing meeting and conference logistics, and managing the ECANA website content. 

Headshot of Danielle Lavallee

Danielle Lavallee, PharmD, PhD ‚Äď Advisory Board Member

Seattle, WA 

Danielle Lavallee is a patient-centered outcomes researcher whose work focuses on developing novel processes for collecting and reporting patient-reported data in a manner to support both clinical and patient decision-making. Through her work, she advocates for the direct involvement of patients, family members, and care partners in the design and conduct of research.


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